Multiply by being unleashed as disciple-makers locally and globally

Make Disciples – Unleashed for God’s Global Glory

“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”
-William Carey

Making disciples is what we are called to do by and through the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ with the promise of His presence and His power. With the assistance of your small group leader invite other Christ followers and serve as their small group leader to develop their PDMP using the Follow Me Bible Study.   Remain connected to your original group for their prayer support, mentorship, and practical guidance as you start your own group. You may want to update your Personal Disciple-Making Plan (PDMP) for the coming year. If you have a family, consider how you plan to intentionally disciple your children or reach out to extended pre-Christian family members.

Consider talking to your pastor or church leaders on who to invite to the new small group. Ask where you can serve your local “body of Christ”, perhaps they may want you to help enhance the church “ministry flow” to be more evangelistic and to disciple new believers. To advance God’s Kingdom, we need to go beyond Christians discipling Christians. Ask God to open doors to pre-Christians who are receptive to the Gospel, so that you can disciple them and teach them to do likewise.   Pray and expect God will use you to develop multiple generations of disciple-makers where you currently live or wherever He may lead. Being spiritual parents give meaning to everything else in life we do as we actively seek to be in alignment with God’s mission in the world.

Like-minded organizations to help in your journey by providing mentorship, training or service opportunities.

Training, Mentorship, Internship, Service Opportunities