• CCFN will equip and mobilize Chinese Christian faculty to win Chinese intellectuals for Christ on university campuses





  • To promote life–transforming personal relationships with Jesus Christ
  • To achieve a balanced life in ministry, family, and profession
  • To provide discipleship and leadership training
  • To mentor professional career development




A professor of education at the University of North Colorado once said: " I think God has placed us where we are not only to earn our daily bread, but to be champions for the truth."

God has gifted us with His abundant blessings and allowed us to be in a strategic position on campus. When we follow His plan in obedience, we will truly experience His unquenchable love, unspeakable joy and the peace that passes all understanding.

In recent years, tens of thousands of Chinese students and scholars have come to the United States and other western world universities. There are over 360,000 Chinese students in the US in 2018. (Open Doors 2018 – China Fast Facts)。Ambassadors for Christ, Inc. has the vision and mission to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ and His life-changing Love and Truth to every Chinese person in the academic world, and urgently mobilize Chinese Christian Faculty as co-laborers in the global harvest.

AFC would like to equip, motivate and provide opportunities for Chinese Christian faculty to boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel through their unique platform on campus.




Goals and Plans

  • CCFN Website design and set up.
  • Invite Chinese Christian Faculty to start outreach ministries to the Chinese intellectuals at various campuses.
  • Identify and support Chinese Christian Faculty already in campus ministry to network with us to serve the Lord with one accord.



AFC’s primary focus is Campus Ministry. Today, with over 300,000 Chinese intellectuals in the U.S., we have an unprecedented outreach opportunity to the existing and future leaders in American campuses. Our dream is to reach out to every Chinese on US campuses with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ once said: “If I could start Campus Crusade for Christ over again, I would begin with reaching professors.” Because Professors have a unique platform on campus:

  • Professors as Guardians of Truth when students search for meaning and purpose of life.
  • Professors touch the lives of their students and colleagues with the love of Christ.
  • Professors as Pillars of the campus.



Opportunity and Resources


  • God has prepared the hearts of many Chinese intellectuals for the gospel.
  • He has placed in university campuses many Chinese Christian Faculties who have the heart to serve God in their professions.
  • God the Holy Spirit is ready to work through these men and women to bring students and colleagues to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The name of God will be honored and glorified on these campuses.