The 2024 Christian Faculty Retreat will be held from 5/17-19 in Atlanta, GA. Chinese faculty members, postdocs, and doctoral students are invited to attend! Please use the following link to register:

The retreat will take place in the conference hall of Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Gwinnett Place. The registration fee does not include accommodation, but the hosting hotel offers a group discount room rate (Double Queen standard room $102/day, including breakfast). Please use the following link to book your room

Please be reminded that the discount rate will end on 4/15, so please book early. If the link does not show the discount rate properly, please contact the hotel by phone (678-924-1023) or email ( 


A North American Christian professor once said, "God has put me in a place where I can not only provide my family but also witness and defend the truth." With the blessing and guidance of God, Christian faculty members work profoundly on college campuses. Because of his or her special and enduring influence on campus, a professor can be a beacon for many students seeking guidance in their lives. Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, once said, "If I could start Campus Crusade for Christ over again, I would begin by working with professors."
In recent years, tens of thousands of Chinese students and scholars have come to study in western countries. Many Chinese Christian professors stand in the frontier of preaching the Gospel of Christ to Chinese students and scholars. They serve as the witness of the Gospel on campus and have the opportunity to influence the lives of students and colleagues with the love of Christ.



Salt and light on campus



To connect, mobilize, and equip Chinese Christian faculty on university campuses to win Chinese intellectuals for Christ. The Chinese Christian Faculty Network (CCFN) looks upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit in four dimensions:

1. Renewal of life: abide by the biblical truth, live a balanced life, and commit as Christ's disciples;
2. Rooted in the campus: pursue career excellence, glorify God, and serve the Lord;
3. Embracing the world: stand together, face challenges, and become an evangelist;
4. Inheritance of the vision: answer the calling, cast the vision, and cultivate campus leaders.




Chinese Christian Faculty Network collaborates closely with Ambassador for Christ to spread the agape love and truth of life to the Chinese intellectuals, to encourage Chinese Christians faculty, to practice the great commission, and to serve on university campuses. CCFN provides training, coaching, and support to Chinese Christians staff who are facing various aspects of challenges from work, family, service, and others.

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