Executive Team

Dr. Yeou-cherng Bor

AFC President
717-687-8564 x284

Dr. Chuck Kwok

AFC Vice President


Fengsuey Chen

Director of Administration

Sue Chen


Dawn Darling

Asst. to AFC President

Elaine Heier


Ron Heier

Facilities Maintenance

Nan Holliday

Accounting Assistant

Moses Le

Training Facility Coordinator

Joanne Putri

Administration Coordinator

Clara Wang


Ambassadors Magazine

Albert Lam Chief Editor

Chief Editor

Lexie Li


Bookstore 800-624-3504

Anita Martin

Dist. Center Manager
Ext. 237

Allen Liu

Bookstore Assistant Manager
Ext. 238

Campus Minister View in US Campus Page

Chinese Mission Convention

Catherine Roberts


Chinese Resource / Media

Elaine Chen

Chinese Media & Creative Coordinator

Olive Qin

Chinese Media & Creative Coordinator
717-687-8564 Ext 221

Ministry Development

Hui Li

Ministry Development Officer


John Chow

Wenhui Gong

Jack Hwang

Charles Lee

Serena Lin

Joshua Ting

Publishing 717-687-8564

Timothy Su

Associate Staff

Training & Conference Ministry

Helen Chen

Spiritual Formation and Leadership Training

Jing Chen

United Student Outreach Coordinator

Ming Chen

Minister at Large, C.A.T.CH Ministry

Mary Chou

Singles Ministry Coordinator

Angela Lin

Discipleship Training
Assistant Director

Tsun-En Lu

Discipleship Training
Assistant Director

Naomi Wang

Discipleship Training Ministry Coordinator

West Coast Office

Wendy Li

West Coast Ministry Development Director