Europe – Tremendous opportunities to reach Chinese intellectuals

The number of students from Mainland China studying in Europe has multiplied dramatically in the last years, making it AFC’s newest mission field. Chinese students in Europe present a tremendous opportunity to present Christ to this largely unreached people group.

Edward & Rosa Kwong

Campus Minister


Paul Zhang





  • To help meet that need, Ambassadors for Christ has placed our first full-time missionary serving in campus ministry and church leadership in Lille, France. AFC campus staff member, Edward & Rosa Kwang are working at building the Bible study group there.
  • AFC has partnered together with ORTV (Overseas Radio and Television) and several local Chinese churches to co-sponsor the Gospel Camps.
  • AFC continues to partner with several churches and individuals to provide short term ministry trips to Europe.
  • AFC sponsored the first Chinese Mission Convention Europe in the Greater London area, April 25-28, 2011.


It is our prayer that, through the ministry of CMC, Christian organizations and churches throughout Europe will partner together and that the Lord will powerfully use CMC Europe to mobilize Chinese Christians as a vital missionary force for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus said, “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

At AFC, we’ve opened our eyes -- and we see tremendous opportunities to reach Chinese intellectuals for Jesus Christ in the US, in China, and most recently in Europe.

As we seek to follow Him and meet these opportunities, we greatly appreciate your prayer and your partnership in ministry.