Grow by developing and living out your Personal Disciple-Making Plan

Develop your Personal Disciple-Making Plan (PDMP)

As the Spirit tugs your heart to be disciple-makers, developing your PDMP will help to translate your good intention and heartfelt desire into actionable steps. The PDMP helps to focus on 6 essential elements to develop Christ-like character in your journey as disciples making disciples. The PDMP is suitable for all levels of spiritual maturity from new believers to pastors. The six units of the Follow Me Bible Study resource correlate to the six elements of the PDMP. For each unit, you will need to devote 2 to 3 hours to individually study and then spend 2 to 3 hours together to share your learning in your small group. If the small group meets twice a month, the 6 units can be completed in 3 months. An optional DVD sermon by David Platt is available for each unit and can be viewed during the small group meeting. Small groups are formed at the local church level or contact us to be part of a virtual small group via video conferencing.

Live out your PDMP in Community

Once your initial PDMP is completed, start living your plan out by using recommended resources in your current or new small group community. Please consult with your regional or local church Next Step coordinator or contact us.

Special Training or Mentoring

If you are seeking advanced training or mentorship, please contact us with your need and we will do our best to connect you with our network.

Like-minded organizations to help in your journey by providing mentorship, training or service opportunities.

Training, Mentorship, Internship, Service Opportunities