In order to follow the Great Commission and align with AFC’s vision, the mission of the Training is to design to equip target audiences to make disciples

“Equip and mobilize Chinese Intellectuals to make disciples to fulfill God’s great commission.”

Discipleship Training series

  • Discipleship Training Series I – “How to the Share Gospel:” This series is designed to equip believers to evangelize Chinese intellectuals.

  • Discipleship Training Series II – “Life-Influencing-Life Discipleship Training:” These programs are provided to equip target audiences to disciple new believers and to do in-depth discipleship training.

  • Discipleship Training series III – “Servant Leadership:” These sessions are designed to equip believers to become servant leaders by learning from Jesus’ example and the Bible, and to build up a Christ-Centered team to serve.

Gospel Camps and Retreats
  • Gospel Camps are a channel for disciples to share gospel

  • Retreats are a means to share the information.

  • Through the gospel camp, the unbeliever or seekers will be able to know more about Christianity.

  • Through a retreat, Christians will be able to refresh and recharge through different workshops or messages.

Ministry Forums and Seminars for emerging ministry
  • Ministry forums are designed to provide a platform for ministry experts to share experience, skills, new knowledge, and emerging ministry opportunity. Through the discussion, participants will be able to recognize the current challenges of the ministry environment.

  • Seminars are offered to serve various purposes such as exploring new ministry opportunities, sharing new information, and others.


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